From brick to Flagstone, and everything in between, we can provide expert care for your exterior walkways. Many decorative stones that are used in patios and garden areas need regular cleaning to help maintain their beauty. PSH Cleaning Service can help protect your private sanctuary by sealing and protecting your exterior stone to keep it looking pristine.

Did you know that PSH CLEANING SERVICE can take care of you exterior stone? Exterior stone is often overlooked, when it comes to cleaning. Stone pavers and other decorative stone needs to be cleaned at least twice a year. Think about it, the stone flooring in your patio areas are continually subjected to the weather. The heat and humidity of the summer and the cold and wetness of the winter will take a toll on your hardscapes. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your stone walkways and patios will last for many years.

Ask us about the protection services that we offer to help keep your patios, walkways, entrances looking their best.